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Crack a cold one and join the virtual bottle share

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What Is #TBS??

#TBS61 (3/19)


TBS, or Twitter Bottle Share, was a completely organic creation.

One night, a beer lover decided to enjoy a nice Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 10 and tweet about the beer he was drinking. Inspired, others picked up a DR10, and people began to talk about what they noticed, liked, or disliked about the beer.

“Hey,” they thought, “we should do this more often!”

And thus, TBS was created. It’s hard to gather people together at a specific place and time for a tasting or bottle share, but anyone who enjoys beer and has a Twitter account can join in to TBS from wherever they are!


Since there is a different beer chosen each week for the TBS, there might be a week where the chosen beer just isn’t in your wheelhouse. Please remember, the purpose of the Twitter Bottle Share is:

  • to drink and discuss all kinds of craft beer;
  • to bring awareness of craft beer to people who are just beginning to venture out;
  • to expand our own awareness of craft beer;
  • to stretch our tastes beyond our comfort zones and try new beers.

If a certain beer is not your preference, feel free to either drink something else and join in for the chat or to just take the week off!

How To Join In

Who: You! Me! Us!

What: Drink and discuss the beer for that week. If you can’t find the beer, drink a similar style. If you don’t like the style, log on and discuss anyway! (The number 1 rules of TBS is that there aren’t any rules!)

When: Every Wednesday from approx 6 CST – 10 CST…just drop in when you can!

Where: Twitter, using the #TBS hashtag with the number for that week (i.e. #TBS23)

Why:¬†Better question…why not? Let’s face it, we’re all beer nerds, so this gives you the chance to talk and let your inner beer nerd out!