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#TBS30 — Stone #Beertography

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The winning #beertography photo was from @ItsMeDoublEE:

30 ItsMeDoublEE

Thanks to @beertography for sifting through all of the photos to find a great winner!

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Beertography Contest

Announcing the first ever Twitter Bottle Share #Beertography contest!

The rules are very simple:

1) You have to submit your photograph during #TBS30 on 8/14.  What is #TBS30 you ask? Here’s all you need to know.

2) The beertography has to be of a Stone Brewing pale ale or IPA beer. For example, Ruination, Stone IPA, Levitation, Stone Pale Ale, etc.

3) When you submit your beertography you must include these two hashtags to be judged –> #TBS30 and #beertography

4) Only one beertography entry per person so make sure you pick out your best photo to submit!

The photos will be judged by @beertography (duh), and the winner will receive a #beertography t-shirt. I told you it was simple!

Want to see what your prize will look like?