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What Is #TBS??

#TBS61 (3/19)


TBS, or Twitter Bottle Share, was a completely organic creation.

One night, a beer lover decided to enjoy a nice Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 10 and tweet about the beer he was drinking. Inspired, others picked up a DR10, and people began to talk about what they noticed, liked, or disliked about the beer.

“Hey,” they thought, “we should do this more often!”

And thus, TBS was created. It’s hard to gather people together at a specific place and time for a tasting or bottle share, but anyone who enjoys beer and has a Twitter account can join in to TBS from wherever they are!


Since there is a different beer chosen each week for the TBS, there might be a week where the chosen beer just isn’t in your wheelhouse. Please remember, the purpose of the Twitter Bottle Share is:

  • to drink and discuss all kinds of craft beer;
  • to bring awareness of craft beer to people who are just beginning to venture out;
  • to expand our own awareness of craft beer;
  • to stretch our tastes beyond our comfort zones and try new beers.

If a certain beer is not your preference, feel free to either drink something else and join in for the chat or to just take the week off!

How To Join In

Who: You! Me! Us!

What: Drink and discuss the beer for that week. If you can’t find the beer, drink a similar style. If you don’t like the style, log on and discuss anyway! (The number 1 rules of TBS is that there aren’t any rules!)

When: Every Wednesday from approx 6 CST – 10 CST…just drop in when you can!

Where: Twitter, using the #TBS hashtag with the number for that week (i.e. #TBS23)

Why: Better question…why not? Let’s face it, we’re all beer nerds, so this gives you the chance to talk and let your inner beer nerd out!


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Charity Bottle Share Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Buster’s Friends for our first TBS Charity Bottle Share! With all of the donations — gift cards, cash, raffle tickets, Buster’s Friends cookbooks/coloring books — we ended up raising…


Angela, from Buster’s Friends, brought 2 dogs from their shelter, and one dog, King, went home with @bRYEian and his wife as a foster-dog!


Everything went so smoothly, and we could not have done this without all of y’all. Here are some pictures from the event, thanks to @Alexander_Bites and @GeeksPensieve.

The next event will be in June, so stay tuned for more details on that!

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Don’t forget the FOOD!



The fine folks at Eatsie Boys are opening their doors to host our TBS Charity Bottle Share. If you’ve never been there…come hungry! Their menu is out of this world. I mean, breakfast all day?! Yes please.

Just check out these pictures if you don’t believe us!

Eggman Sammy; Lamburghini + Fries; Intergalactic Waffle + Grand Royale; H.A.M.; English Muffin Salmon Sammy. (T->B, L->R)

Remember, buying food supports Eatsie Boys, who is supporting TBS!

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TBS Presents: Charity Bottle Share


Join us for the first official Charity Bottle Share presented by @TBSChat and benefiting Buster’s Friends No-Kill Animal Rescue.

Grab your bottles and get ready to help. We ask that everyone make a minimum $10 donation.

If you attend on Saturday:

Bring cash. If you’re interested in buying raffle tickets or cookbooks, please bring cash to make the purchase easier.

Drink water. Remember to hydrate while enjoying the share.

Be present to win. We will be drawing for the raffle about 7-7:30, and you must be present to win!

Buy food. Eatsie Boys is a huge TBS supporter, so TBS needs to be a huge Eatsie Boys supporter! If you haven’t eaten there before, it’s a treat!

There are 3 big ways to donate to Buster’s Friends Rescue:

Bring a Petco, Petsmart or credit gift card!
Buster’s Friends Rescue Group keeps all of their animals on a strict diet. Donating gift cards instead of miscellaneous items allows us to support their cause without making any of the animals sick!

Buy Buster’s Friends merch on site!
Angela from Buster’s Friends will be at Eastie Boys on the day of the share selling Buster’s Friends cookbooks for $20 and coloring books for $10. Pay with cash, check or credit/debit card. 100% of the proceeds benefit our furry friends at BF.

Enter to win our raffle giveaway!
Prizes include an April Murphy/AEM Gallery art print and other surprise prizes craft beer drinkers will be sure to love! Raffle tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10. Bring cash and get ready to win.

If you can’t make it, you can still make a donation to Buster’s Friends! Clicking the Paypal button below will take you to the Buster’s Friends website where you can click the DONATE button on the left to make your donation.

paypal donation button

When you make a donation through Paypal, just put TBS Charity Bottle Share in the “Purpose” box so that we can keep a tally on how much our great group has donated!

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#TBS30 — Stone #Beertography

Chat Stats


Hashtag Cloud


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Photo Gallery

The winning #beertography photo was from @ItsMeDoublEE:

30 ItsMeDoublEE

Thanks to @beertography for sifting through all of the photos to find a great winner!

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Beertography Contest

Announcing the first ever Twitter Bottle Share #Beertography contest!

The rules are very simple:

1) You have to submit your photograph during #TBS30 on 8/14.  What is #TBS30 you ask? Here’s all you need to know.

2) The beertography has to be of a Stone Brewing pale ale or IPA beer. For example, Ruination, Stone IPA, Levitation, Stone Pale Ale, etc.

3) When you submit your beertography you must include these two hashtags to be judged –> #TBS30 and #beertography

4) Only one beertography entry per person so make sure you pick out your best photo to submit!

The photos will be judged by @beertography (duh), and the winner will receive a #beertography t-shirt. I told you it was simple!

Want to see what your prize will look like?